We are thrilled when clients come to us with comments and questions based on their experiences and findings. This allows us to address their investing ideas, objectives, expectations, and concerns directly, and interactively. We love it when clients want to learn more about investing in general, the construction and maintenance of portfolios, the many aspects of tactical asset management, and the process of trading assets. Following this spirit, we make the software we use internally available to the world.


TuringTrader is a powerful open-source backtesting engine and market simulator. It can simulate virtually everything you can do with securities and derivatives thereof. This flexibility comes at a price: using TuringTrader requires solid programming skills in C#. At the same time will tinkering around with TuringTrader provide invaluable insights into the behavior of markets and the implications for your investments. We therefore highly encourage those of you with a software background to visit the TuringTrader website.