Research & Develoment

These services are for informational purposes only and are not considered investment advice. Any analysis we perform utilizes current or past data, which may or may not be indicative of future results.


Bertram Solutions performs several types of quantitative research involving investment vehicles and markets:

  • Descriptive. Given a dataset, we seek to describe the status quo.
  • Correlational. Given a dataset, we seek to establish relationships between variables.
  • Quasi-Experimental. Given a dataset, we test for causality.
  • Experimental. Given a dataset, we seek to establish methods for controlling variables.


Bertram Solutions provides the following development services:

  • Implementation of existing strategies through software. For instance, we might take a client-approved investment strategy from a book and write software to execute it through a given trading platform.
  • Optimization of existing strategies. As an example, we might analyze an investment strategy and tweak it to optimize agreed-upon characteristics.
  • Development of new indicators and strategies. Here, we create new-to-the-world ideas for indicators and strategies, within client-defined boundaries.

How Our Projects Work

Once we’ve sat down with the client and determined the scope of a project, Bertram Solutions performs all research, design, and implementation independently. To do so, we may obtain data, conduct experiments, or develop analytical tools. Depending on the nature of the project, all of this effort leads to a specific end product:

  • Research projects. Once we’ve completed all the work necessary to finalize a research project, we compile a report that documents our findings.
  • Development projects. By the time we finish a development project, we have produced a piece of software that executes the client’s vision.

In either case, we may simply deliver the end product, or we might meet with the client for a detailed breakdown of both the process that led to its creation and the benefits it could offer them going forward. All projects are charged on a time and material basis.