Wealth Management Services in Kirkland

As an investor, you want to grow your nest egg and work towards your financial goals. On the way, you want to sleep well at night and keep risks within your comfort zone.

We offer highly individualized wealth management services addressing your needs at every step of the way.

You can meet us at our Kirkland office, or a place of your convenience. We serve Seattle’s Eastside, including Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell, and Woodinville.


Understand your investment objective, especially the following key aspects:

  • Account size and cash flows
  • Time horizon and risk level

To capture your needs, wants and wishes, we precede wealth management with financial planning.


Build your comprehensive investment policy. Our primary focus is to:

  • Reduce volatility and drawdowns
  • Improve risk-adjusted returns

In the long term, risk management is the most critical aspect of investing.


Manage and rebalance your portfolio as needed. On a regular schedule, our portfolio managers:

  • Record portfolio performance
  • Adjust and rebalance

Because wealth management is an ongoing process we continuously track your account.

The Next Level of Wealth Management

We are uniquely positioned to bring wealth management to the next level: Combining client-specific portfolios with active management.

Our proprietary software infrastructure continuously monitors the financial markets, extracts indicators, and rebalances your customized portfolio.


Our wealth management relies on facts and data, not emotions. We are experts in:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Financial modeling

We can justify our decisions and show their impact based on computer simulations.

Highly Individualized

No two clients are alike. We tailor our services to precisely match your needs:

  • Client-specific portfolios
  • Daily active management

Our financial services reach unprecedented levels of individualization.

In-House Research

R&D is in our DNA. We continuously research innovative investment solutions:

  • Model portfolios
  • Trading platform

You interact directly with our Kirkland-based team of dedicated financial experts.

Your Benefits

Financial markets change daily. Bull markets alternate with bears. Periods of calm alternate with periods of volatility. Tactical asset allocation is a style of investment management that reacts to changing conditions and makes the best of it.

It takes more than a lifetime to figure out how to maximize success. Computer simulations allow us to compress this time frame. Even though past performance is not a guarantee of future results, historical situations teach us invaluable lessons to prepare for the future.

Lessons From the Past

By simulating historical situations, we eliminate the guess-work.

Know the best course of action in typical market environments.

Shadows of the Future

By combining market data, with economic indicators, we anticipate the road ahead.

Avoid being blindsided when markets take a turn.

A Smoother Ride

With tactical asset allocation, we can reduce volatility and improve risk-adjusted returns.

Sleep better at night by removing some of the bumps in the road ahead.

Get Started

The fastest way to learn more about wealth management and get started is to give us a call or send us a message.

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