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Investment Advice in Kirkland

In 2011, Felix Bertram began his work on quantitative investment analysis, laying the foundation for Bertram Solutions. The first portfolio went live in 2012, demonstrating the potential of automated portfolio management and providing invaluable feedback on real-time market behavior. The portfolios have been in constant development since, leading to the first fully-automated portfolio going live in 2015, and the availability of the first portfolio suitable for retail investors in 2016. In 2018, Bertram Solutions registered as an Investment Adviser firm and started taking on outside clients. In 2019, Birgit Bertram joined the firm as an investment adviser representative.

Felix Bertram, MBA, MSEE

Felix Bertram is the founder of Bertram Solutions LLC, managing the investment accounts, and designing the model portfolios.

Felix’s path into financial services originated in his frustration over the available products and services: as an investor, he was looking for a data-driven approach to tactical asset allocation. After he couldn’t find suitable offerings, he started researching quantitative investment analysis in 2011, laying the foundation for Bertram Solutions.

Unlike other financial professionals, Felix’s career path started in engineering. He holds an MS in electrical engineering and has proven his ability to invent and create during 30 years of developing software, firmware, and FPGAs in the consumer electronics field. Further, Felix holds an MBA in general business administration and has proven his strong entrepreneurial spirit with his involvement in multiple innovative startups. This broad and somewhat non-linear background demonstrates Felix’s analytical and results-oriented approach to all aspects of life, including wealth management.

Birgit Bertram

Birgit Bertram is the co-founder of Bertram Solutions. As an investment adviser representative of the firm, she focuses on financial planning and client relationships.

For more than 20 years, Birgit has been managing the family’s finances by working with financial advisers and CPAs. With life becoming more complex and demanding, she realized the significance of a sustainable financial life plan to reach their retirement goals. While her husband Felix began research on quantitative investment analysis and automated portfolio management, she focused on individual financial planning.

For many years Birgit worked in accounting and human resources. She always enjoyed working with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, showing empathy, and understanding individual needs and concerns. This is also where she learned about business, project management and getting things done. During her first career as a chef, she learned to expect the unexpected and find optimal solutions while keeping all balls in the air.

Birgit enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community; she was an active volunteer at her son’s schools for many years. After seeing dear friends suffering from cancer, she joined Seattle’s Row for the Cure organizing committee. Birgit is an avid rower herself and cherishes her family. They enjoy traveling and the outdoors together, while her family and friends enjoy her love for cooking.