Mr. Felix Bertram is the Founder of Bertram Solutions, LLC and serves as the Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Bertram has more than 30 years experience in research and development. Throughout his career, Mr. Bertram has always been an engineer at heart, being deeply involved in hands-on development of software, firmware, FPGAs, and electronics. He embraces change and has served in many roles, both technical and leadership, including Chief Hardware Architect at Apple, Hardware Director at Avid, and Vice President Engineering at Native Instruments. Mr. Bertram is a deep thinker, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to turn ideas into successful products. Mr. Bertram holds a MS in electrical engineering, and an MBA in general business administration.

In 2011, Mr. Bertram started to work on quantitative trading, laying the foundation for Bertram Solutions. The first algorithm went live in 2012, showing the potential of automated trading, and providing invaluable feedback on real-time market behavior. The algorithms have been in constant development since, leading to the first fully-automated trading system going live in 2015, and availability of the first algorithm suitable for retail investors in 2017.

For inquiries regarding automated trading solutions, please contact us. More information on Felix Bertram can be found here.